Senin, 27 Agustus 2007


Once upon a time,so the story goes,there was a fisheman who lived with his wife and son in a village near the mouth of the river Batang Arau in west Sumatera.
They made their living by fishing and they were very loved their son,whose name was malin kundang became a spoited boy because he was their only son,his family loved him very much.
They spoiled him and malin kundang was lazy selfish and naughty.
He,even became a burden to his parents.
Oneday malin kundang's mother was weaving a cloth when became malin kundang parent's and grabbed her spool.He was about to run a way with spool when he suddenly and hurt his forehead just above the eyes brows.He cried and and his mother came to help him.She cleaned and bandaged the wound it healed quikly,but it left a large sear on his forehead.